Evenmore Care

“Evenmore Care”

VeraCare Hospice offers the Evenmore Care program to every patient and family member, whenever it is needed, for the course of your time with us. It is initiated by the hospice team when there is a change in the patient’s condition that warrants “Evenmore.”

Examples include:

  • Providing extra care items
  • Increasing visit frequencies
  • Emotional support for the family
  • Providing a caring person at the patient’s side during critical times

Gift of a Day & Evenmore Care:

Furthering our commitment to provide best in class care, we offer 2 unique programs to our patients to enhance their care plan. Gift of a Day is offered to all of our patients, and is a day of enrichment, doing something that brings happiness. Evenmore Care is a commitment to provide the patient "even more" when it is needed.